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  1. that's my daughter you fuck
  2. from my original bgirl
  3. I knew Richmond writers were always known for their witty intellectual comebacks but I think you've set the bar too high this time. Oh and I'm not a student you fuck. Haha.. I'm married, and I have more kids than you got braincells. So save the grade school commentary for someone too ignorant to notice your lack of pubic hair.
  4. You're funny. Paranoid, but funny. "Yes officer, I took those photos.. no sir, I don't know who AEST is. Yes, I write Cope2. Have you seen my video?"
  5. I haven't been through KC for a couple years so that wouldn't surprise me.. I just figured somebody would do the whole wall. I've still got the flick; maybe I'll post it if I get a chance somtime if it hasn't been done before. That was a crazy fucking weekend when I saw that for the first time.. van broke down right at the service station off of 35 down the block from that spot. I was on some fucked up combination of drugs back then which made the experience all the more interesting. I'm sure nobody here cares but it turned a bad situation around by breaking down at such a dope chill spot.
  6. Many of these writers ARE from Richmond. I'm sure I'm not the only one on here that finds it interesting to hear where what towns freights you've flicked in the past are rolling through. Don't be so paranoid. I'm sure there are cops that check this board but if you play it smart then you won't have to worry about that. There's nothing illegal about posting pictures of trains.... and I don't write my screenname, I write Cope2, so come find me pigs!
  7. I can't believe somebody went over that daze / east wall with the marley character. and they didn't even do the whole wall! what the fuck?
  8. phirewall


    Can you say wanker and keep a straight face? I hope not. And I don't think it's "disrupting" to give my opinion on a thread's contents. But I'm not about to give this any more time so I'll edit my previous response to make it more precise: FUCK YOU! And the UK is still wack.
  9. phirewall


    ^^^^^^^ Exactly what I would expect from a uk graff bitch! Haha! For real though... there is some dope shit coming out of the UK, but on the whole I'm just not feeling the styles. That goes for music too, but that's for another thread...
  10. phirewall


    i know i'll get shit for this, but... FUCK THE UK. that is all. [j/k y'all.. i've got a can up my ass today.]
  11. jay.. keep doing what you're doing and fuck what everyone else has to say. If you think it's dope than that's what matters. There's too many heads in this shit that think that their particular style is the only way to be, so they won't like it if it doesn't fit their convenient little definition of what graffiti is. Just keep rockin the style you like best and make it your own. That's my piece... good work.
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