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  1. i could have sworn no one did subways in t.o :lol: that damn dead police crew is runnin it :D sexacutioner....Double Penitration!! :lol:
  2. no kids NEVER EVER touch subways here.......NEVER!!!!!!! ;) :cool:
  4. that daser is truly ahead of its time....every time i see that peice i like it more and more :king: keep the sickness coming big P.
  5. j. coltrain


    there's lots of cleans out there too :cool:
  6. barcelona is off the hinges!!! too much fun...........theres already a post for it though.......just search it.
  7. j. coltrain


    ya probably havent seen the bran new ish ;)
  8. j. coltrain


    :lol: ouch theres a few hurtin old ones there.......uhhh.....check antiks.ca: :o
  9. yeah yeah, ya cant really argue with whyz bein the most active, but i keep catchin new dwel shit all over the city....random hits out by the airport and shit...... ya'll know you cant front on that shit. scotia bank ledge!!! rony!!!!! that spot was the shit. :cool:
  10. there are writers with the same name all over the world, even if you think you have an original name chances are that ya dont. t.o dwel has been around for a long time and judging from all his shit i see all over this fuckin city he may just be the most active bomber up right now! i also dont think he has much intrest in the global graff scene. peace. :cool:
  11. the nace on the cp gets around like a motherfucker, ive seen it roll by me on 3 seperate occasions!! and ive seen it posted like ten fuckin times. the sight cursive is killer. :cool:
  12. 416 hasn't happend yet......it was style in progress that ya missed....the flicks are up at antiks.ca
  13. seems like everyone has caught his shit at one time or another...........good sign. :king:
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