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  1. No he's going to go out and write for the fun of it, not sit at home with his markers trying to impress you ladies over the internet.
  2. Damn straight. Fuck your krylon. Prisma and a modem is the way to fame. :king:
  3. Yeah paper battles over the internet are cool.
  4. Damn way to hit me with an original insult. :dazed:
  5. Fuck that's put a downer on my day, I've been trying ever-so-hard to impress you too. Oh well, back to not giving a shit.
  6. I don't write some_dork you fucking retard, it's a name for the internet. Besides, sharing a name and ripping off someones letters are two massively different things. You took someones name and ripped off their letters. And what do you mean you were "4 months into graff before you realised biting was bad"? Before that you thought that it was okay to rip off other peoples art and call it your own? Shit, you haven't realised it yet anyway, you're still biting. The best thing you have ever done was quitting 12oz, then you came back.
  7. :confused: :confused: Hey I was thinking of changing my name to Dondi, I really like the letters and I think it sounds pretty cool. I've never used a can before but I own 106 prisma markers and I'm getting good at doing pink and blue checkered fills, they look dope when I write dondi.
  8. The guts to post all his bitten shit and demand people write his name for him oh yeah he's badass. All you internet kids giving him praise as you sit around your desk with prismas. Get real, all this kid is doing is biting and until you stop kissing his ass he's never going to improve. And since when the fuck did "post count" mean shit, you think you're somehow better than me because you've spent more time infront of your computer? haha
  9. Is it just me or didn't Virs say he was never coming back to this forum? Hahahaha the fucker ran out of stuff to bite so he's back on the internet looking for people to do him some sketches again.
  10. Don't ignore what I said. Let's see something original and simple, no 3ds no arrows just simple letters, then I can see how much better you've gotten. Like I said you keep posting these "not too good" things I'd like to see if you've got the basics down.
  11. :lol: :lol: :lol: If this is the case I don't think there is even a scene, he's the only kid there writing haha. Anyway in response to what you said earlier, yes you have gotten better, but you still haven't even nailed the basics it seems, like I said you've gone from wack simple stuff to wack 3d stuff, you're just adding arrows and shit. Let me see you do something in blocks, no shadows no arrows, just something simple, let's see how much you've "improved".
  12. That's the problem with the internet I think, some kid like Virs sees some graf on his PC thinks that looks cool and wants to do it because it's cool and hip whateva. (No offence to you Virs just usin you as a scapegoat). The people who get good at graf are the people who do it outta love, I'm not good at graf, I do characters, but I still like to do graf because I enjoy it, I find it exciting and also addictive and always look for new ways to get better. Now in my opinion this is your problem, Virs. In the space of like a month you've gone from wack outlines with messy letters to wac
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