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  1. OK tough guy, first off, who the fuck do you think your talking too? Some fuckin' toy punk internet bitch like yourself? You've made a big fuckin' mistake dissing me.... go on, laugh about it now, but best believe, I know a few people, who know a few people, and by the rule of 7's, I will track your ass down in Brisso, And beat the living fuck out of you, in front off your crew and stick one off your Beltons up your fuckin' ass!! Then maybe you'll learn that people cant hide behind a computer screen and think they can get away with shit!!!!! PS. I was doing panels, with a broken fuckin' arm,when you were in primary school, suckin' on your Daddy's dick you faggot ass, toy, sucka bitch!!!!! Check your history with someone that knows something!!!
  2. Droppin' knowledge For all those who dont know, IVO started painting about, um, nearly 1 year ago.. He ordered his Belton colours, which, by the way, is the only paint he can use as to not get any drippy thingz on his fills, and his new york fatcaps and outline caps straight off the net. He ventures out of his house, when not too busy dissing people on 12oz, to do pieces.. He goes to walls that other writters have done join-ups on, and spends 5 hrs doing a piece next to them, trying his damdess to make it look like he was there with them.... He has no friends and a rare skin disease and wears a burn suit when in the sun.. so if you see a dude in a burn suit rockin' down to your local wall, its probably him.. oh yeah, he lives in a bubble house with recycled air. And he doesn't know anything about the graff game like you kids, old schoolers, who have been writting for more than 3 years!!!!!! IF YOU DONT KNOW, YA PROBABLY SHOULDN'T BIATCHEZ!!!!!!!!! .....MAZ BRISK....... 4220 CREW ................
  3. Bleep Bleep!!!!! Greatings Earthlings, I have just pirated into SMERK's computer via telekenisis as I was bored chillin' in my cigar shaped, flashing lighted, ultra fast, beyond the laws of physics movin' UFO, that I like to call the Doperide.. Shit has the mad alien leather interior and shit yo!!, and I see yall debatin" whether we be real and shit? Damn, Im realer than yo momma, ya better recognise fools!!!! I gots me the mad ray guns that slaps mad huge burners on the sides of planets so my homies can see when they's on tour to earth and shit, and best believe we be anal probin' all the earthling hotties in they sleep....PEACE..until we decide to take over the earth and shit... Intergalactic B-Boy Alien..
  5. Yo, Ive just spent fucken hours searching e-bay and the rest of the fucken net for an album, and if I hadnt had it myself I would almost be convinced it didnt exist, but some MuthaFucka out there must have a copy of Schooly D's "How A Black Man Feels" , anyone? The Convicts too!!! And if so I'll pay someone to burn it for me!!!! Word up 4 those who Knows!!!!! ................PeAcE...........:confused:
  7. Na, I dont know where 2 find out, I guess you could have a look around on the net??? Or someone else might be kind enough to post N.S.W laws 4 u...
  8. Im not sure of the law regarding Graf implements in N.S.W...sorry!!!
  9. A few things I want to specify.... Laws are different around the world, even from state 2 state... In QLD. AUSTRALIA, It is illegal to carry a "grafitti implement" Paint, markers, whatever!!! The best advice I can give is if you are caught red handed.."say NOTHING", leave that to a solicitor.. I have freinds whom have done jail time for admitting there tag and have been charged with thousands of offences.., If you get pinched writting your tag, tell your SOLICITOR to say its not your tag, your just a toy who bit it!!! ha ha cant b fucked writting any more.. P.S. WEAR YOUR AIRMAX, laces up tight.. peace
  10. ......Paint running "PASSANGER" trainz while u still can!!!!! Freights are sort of cool but, a bit pussy in my book!!!! Take risks, but also follow your gut... Earn respect, dont expect it...pay your dues!!!... Paint with friends as much as u can.. Hanging out with good peeps is a priority... Family comes first, unless your going to the yards!!.... .....Life iz a lesson, if your willing to learn!!!!!!! ....PEACE..........
  11. ....I've alwayz wanted to be a ninja!!!!, 4 real though, It would be MAD to have some shit like that in like a throw down type thing in the yards, ...Or to get up a quick throw-up in a hot spot...Yeah, If I wasn't such a procrastinating, lazy fuck Id probably try it!!!!!!!!
  12. Yo BRSKI nigga, what ups fool?
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