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  1. Word! All Hail the King of Kowloon!! There is a documentary about him and it is tight. If you get the chance WATCH IT!!!!! makes almost EVERYONE look toy!! This guy is an ANIMAL! He's writing on the police station and the come out and hes like- "fuck you!" and tries to keep writing. he lives in a one room apt. that makes a fraternity house look like marth stewarts and spends his gov. assistance on the bare food essentials- and the rest on INK!
  2. i'm sure it's been beaten into the ground on this forum, but myself being a rookie have yet to encounter it: why wont these kids write names that aren't and haven't been written before: daze, mare, venom, sane (jesus, i know the list goes on)etc.? to add validity to these toy's ego, other unscroupulous kids offer praise for the deeds instead of something genuinely constuctive like: "hey man, i see you improving but writing "blankity-blank" is beat as he did that all throughout the 80's and early 90's in shitville, u.s.a. why dont you gather a new combination of letters that are original and work for you so when your work gets even better and more known you wont play yourself to those from whom you seek accolades?" the hobo streaks great.
  3. clouds nice flicks. IF grey, lewis, or sigh were painting 25 years ago then, there MIGHT be arguments about clouds...
  4. Revolt is it just me or was this cat ahead of the game? damn, that car is dope! more flicks...please?
  5. beardo and i seem to catch your drift but let me put it in layman's terms for the rest: FOOL! my apologies for a shitty post on this great subject- both in pictures and discourse. i just couldn't help myself with this "whoa is me! why don't they understand my ART?! what i do IS different."
  6. DAMN! LEE_VING smashed it with those Share photos... and on that note, share some more? icon for cheese here.
  7. BIG ups from the left coast for VFRESH* WE KILL SHIT... always loved that acronym. as for those dissing... trying to "make" them appreciate TRUE graff (not specifically bombing- just this particular writer's essence) is like trying to teach a dog a card trick. more flicks
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