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  1. Tease if you only really knew how many people have your replies blocked... i encourage the easily annoyed to do the same.
  2. if you were looking forit for thetesseract thread you should have put it there
  3. alright scrabble, im looking for a new handle cause im over mine. so give me a good tribal name and i'll make it my new handle... cuz me being on slug's dick with this name is gettting old. ima heineken drinking, tennis playing, freight appreciater chick thats blonde... what is my new tribal name? for the sake of a new non-gay handle PLEASE;)
  4. Sean Daley

    new rap

    c'mon.. someone have a heart its not THAT bad
  5. the funny thing about this thread is that you will only find guys posting in here, girls like their "chainletter Re:Fwd:Fwd quiz survey how well do you know me stuff" so much
  6. pretty much every city in the midwest sucks.. but by far Pierre, South Dakota is one of the worst. and everything surrounding it for about 800 miles = stupid and boring. im also very unappreciative of tampa and orlando along with thewhole state of florida. the state is full of old people, white trash rednecks :D and has nearly been turned into a 400 mile stretch of suburbia.
  7. i thought this was an open bar? free drinks etc so the ladies can get drunk on "rye and coke" and not know it
  8. instead of keeping some ratty papers, shouldn't you have pieced those sketches and have flicks of them by now? :idea:
  9. i hate the people at my highschool. administrators + students and all. i hate that im a senior and they're trying to tell me i'm a fucking junior. i hate people.
  10. thats dope dirty_h.^ and fucking, yeah i start the end of my 13 yr career tomorrow. fuck a school. i hate school so much. but at the same time. im dreading the day in may where i will be doing the same thing i am now after graduation, except i wont be waiting for the next school year to start. i'll just be liek mybrothers. living at home. buying my own ps2, cuz ones not enough for both unemployed not in school faggots. fuck im bitching like my name was tease, fuck the school system. and we start at 7:05 tomorrow. dammit.
  11. i bet 90% of america doesnt even know how to use a semi-colon; and the other 10% is probably most of our english teachers.
  12. you're not spose to make real wordolas. altho. i do like crayolas..
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