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  1. Originally posted by StarDust

    I'm new here.. thought I'd drop some pics of some digital graffiti I did:








    Made it with CorelDRAW11, thats software like Illustrator, only from Corel instead of Adobe.


    yeah lets rip off 123klan...your teefers must hurt from biting so fucking hard.. mann..your not a real designer or anything..


  2. Originally posted by A Fire Inside

    I'm coming back from a show one night and my friend stops at the McDonald's and much to my amazement, at some rest area in Connecticut I see UFO on one of those newspaper boxes... fuckin crazy.


    that was probably my friend who wrote ufo for a while, untill i told him about the real ufo. sorry to shoot you down..heh.(and his stuff actually looked like ufos)

  3. Re: It Takes Dedication


    Originally posted by BIGMETALCIRCUS

    this fella drove 5 or 6 hours, by himself, sick as a dog to paint for an hour or two... IN THE RAIN!!! big ups.


    thats love

  4. Re: Re: Re: guys in hoodies and wtc shrines .


    Originally posted by shut up fagg

    word. that shit is lame. fuck realism.


    the only reason you hate realism is because you cant do it. and this Dan guy i give alot of respect to. Hes very orginal; i guess that just scares the average skill-less bomber. i would look at where your coming from and check your history about something you love so much and something that plays a large part in your life before you go dissing true artists because they dont rep crews and peice bridges, and like it or not this is urban art. i want to see more of this guys work.


    p.s im not dissing the insane art of "word computation" or whatever the hell you wanna call it, i do it too. but dont hate someones art because you cant match up. I know alot of this stuff i cant do and thats why i respect him that much more. and about daim being a toy? thats just funny.

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