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  1. Simple One... whoah thurr g unit. You look like a thug ( I guess ) in that thurr photo up thurr. *Please don't quote images*
  2. gist st


    Re: U Forgot Me? abi? i see a similar B from ebis..or as sometimes he writes abis. hmmm :rolleyes:
  3. im not sure whos been around longer, but that clean dude looks an awful lot like totem. :-o
  4. gist st

    Kem 5

    hell yeah..great paint. kems lines are too perfect :( makes me mad.
  5. hey estrogen, what part of nh you from? drop me a pm. Ill probably be moving there for the summer out in the nausha/manchester area..shout me a call i need some cats to get down with for the summer. peace.
  6. gist st


    http://a9.cpimg.com/image/45/33/31142469-f422-028001B7-.jpg'> ^ :lol: :lol: :lol: its a japanese mr.wiggles... :lol: :lol:
  7. cycle is soo dope.. infulencial(sp?) coming out of my area.
  8. yeah lets rip off 123klan...your teefers must hurt from biting so fucking hard.. mann..your not a real designer or anything.. http://www.123klan.com
  9. witch act is this?.. because tehres one from ct, who could almost be mistaken for that..i guess..i dunno
  10. that was probably my friend who wrote ufo for a while, untill i told him about the real ufo. sorry to shoot you down..heh.(and his stuff actually looked like ufos)
  11. Re: It Takes Dedication thats love
  12. Re: Re: Re: guys in hoodies and wtc shrines . the only reason you hate realism is because you cant do it. and this Dan guy i give alot of respect to. Hes very orginal; i guess that just scares the average skill-less bomber. i would look at where your coming from and check your history about something you love so much and something that plays a large part in your life before you go dissing true artists because they dont rep crews and peice bridges, and like it or not this is urban art. i want to see more of this guys work. p.s im not dissing the insane art of "word computation" or whatever the hell you wanna call it, i do it too. but dont hate someones art because you cant match up. I know alot of this stuff i cant do and thats why i respect him that much more. and about daim being a toy? thats just funny.
  13. great stuff, inspirational; especially coming out of my area in ct. Ive got some flicks, but nothing worthy of the old school guys who held it down and kept it fresh for so many years.
  14. gist st

    The 3D pages.

    noum, you still rock in 203? if you do you interested in hoppin on a wall with the HTK? were doin a prodo, and i think your style would be a nice change in the wall.. hit me up at mike@designtantrum.com if your down.. peace, btw.. hot shit. :)
  15. yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh im movin to the nashua/manchester area soon.. i was so worried there wouldnt be graff besides the few bombs of wise i caught on the highway on the way down.. ::phew::
  16. these places look mad gansta...must be dope in the forest.
  17. Fatoe, hey you been inspiration to not only my pantings but in the design community.. check out my shit at http://www.bull-line.com imma get some prints of my canvases and mabye we could trade posters or somethin, peace. btw... casek cool shit on deviant art... mine: http://micon.deviantart.com
  18. gist st


    ^ i tried doin that once..i took a can out n some lady started yellin at me..so i just walked away..lol
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