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  1. .......i feel like moving to another country everyday of my life......
  2. yay for storms!!! now dispatch will have no way of communicating....hehehehehehe
  3. my apartment is also ridiculously ghetto. roaches, termites, rats in the walls. the shower has flooded the bathroom a few times despite their lame efforts to fix it. this morning i got home from my boyfriends house and the toilet was busted. its actually not even supposed to be an apartment its a converted shitty ass basement. and there is also no sink in the bathroom. and on top of that i dont even get along with my roommate. shit my boy wont even come over. thats how bad it is, but at least i can spend most of my time at his house.
  4. the same is true for guys. i think its a subconscious masochism that we all inheret. what can you really do though? we all want what we cant have... the part about actually getting a guy goes a little different though.
  5. man, that shit is ridiculous. i mean who really cares what other people are doing in the bedroom anyways?? and who exactly enforces these types of laws? how would one get caught?? arrrr. governments
  6. you know, up until my current relationship, i've kind of always felt weighed down when with someone, almost like im obligated to be with them and it was never pleasant. but the guy im with now treats me soooo great. i never thought it could be like this. its the best feeling ive ever had.... sometimes all i think about is how wonderful it is to have him in my life.
  7. bjork is my hero. maybe one day i'lll have enough money to buy it...until then i can only dream
  8. that was pretty strange....im not really sure what else to say
  9. actually i am bipolar and i used to cut myself and refuse to take meds as well. (mostly because i enjoy the highs too much) anyway, i stopped cutting myself years ago and have since learned to deal with my imbalance much better. of course i still have crazy mood swings. i dont think that will stop ever, but if your friend is dealing with it you shouldn't worry TOO much, unless you see new cuts on her arms. it's something that people learn to deal with after a lifetime of going thru it
  10. i once had a notion that one of those live journals could help me in some way to vent about the shit thats bothering me about the world. but then i realized that i have a hard enough time making sense to myself that it would just be an enormous hindrance to myself and anyone attempting to read that shit. so here i am, venting on 12 oz.... not really.
  11. veloLusto


    i'm tryin to go to japan soon too. shibuya and maybe kyoto to see the sakura trees (cherry blossom). i also hear osaka is cool and nagoya is sick for fashion shit. those japanese girls have such of a dope style. i'm jealous, but what can you do? (shoga nai) i used to live in SF and had 2 roommates from japan (nagano and fukuoka). they're some of the most humble and polite people i've ever met. not to mention haru is one of the best friends i've ever had. she used to tutor me everynight. i miss them.
  12. veloLusto


    how to change the tube on your wheel (front or back) take the wheel off your frame. let most of the air out of your tube. take the tire halfway off the rim. remove tube. replace tube. add a bit of air so you dont get a pinch flat. put the other half of the tire back on, and fill tube with air. put the wheel back on your bike.......ride like a champion into the night.
  13. thanks for the informative thread mr. brown. although it took awhile to read it was worth it. americans, as well as many others living under capitalism, have become complacent. its the sad truth. the majority wants more for cheaper prices, less wait time, and no effort. its a sad situation. and as for what's REALLY going on in this country as far as politics and everything else goes, it seems most people are too stupid, lazy or ignorant to care. we have an idiotic bastard running our country, fucking up the economy as well as the environment. SAD. rebel, people, revolt against the system we have all grown to know. quit your dayjobs..............
  14. man, i feel the pain of the ex. i saw mine on saturday night and it hurt. we broke up maybe 2 years ago, but he was my first love. we did remain friends for a bit, but we kept fucking so we (i) decided it was better to not talk. hes married now, which i think is kinda hilarious because they havent been together for even 6 months yet, but thats not my business....ha, anyway, ex's are bad news.
  15. whats so hard about that decision?? GO!!! hawaii is amazing
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