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£piK uNo

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  1. £piK uNo

    **** GES ONER ****

    i met geser... dude is mad cool his peices are mad clean... mad respect
  2. £piK uNo

    Gifts for EVERYONE.....

    what up... *No Soliciting, thats whats up
  3. £piK uNo


    ^^^^^^ are you serious?.....cause thats a long drive bro.... themo and acet are comming to the state of connecticut.... your looking at about a 16 hour drive man....
  4. £piK uNo


    well...then you will be paintin with themo cause kes is the one who contacted him to come down.... this is gonna be an ill prodo
  5. £piK uNo


    hey yo noum.....damn bro some sick ish... yo stop by fame this sunday....we about to hit a sick prodo with themo and acet.... piece
  6. £piK uNo

    did ya'll miss me?

    toyish remarks....what if an iraqi blew your house up....would it be funny? keep it up virs uskrew newera
  7. £piK uNo

    Official Battle Thread

    yo face.... e-mail me at: epicus@puregraffiti.com or aim at: epic newera so we can set up the battle
  8. £piK uNo

    Official Battle Thread

    yo im down... but i already battled my boy dazer... its up to the judges to allow me to battle once more
  9. £piK uNo

    The Bible

    yo is this ink - new era krew?
  10. £piK uNo

    Official Battle Thread

    yo target.... dont even waste your time.... half these kids dont even paint.... but im sure you havin some fun....
  11. £piK uNo

    Official Battle Thread

    Re: Dork v. Daze for real man....i've been waitin to see this one....
  12. £piK uNo

    put yo hood up

    :lol: this is the funniest thread ever!!!!!!!!!:lol: yo oprah....your the dumbest e-thug....
  13. £piK uNo

    alpha battle j

    this is the worst way of startin a thread... you must post flix first...your really gonna here it..... this thread will diminish unless you post somethin....
  14. £piK uNo

    DorkstaR ExtravaganzA

    ^^^ that one is off the hook.... im def. feelin that one....
  15. £piK uNo

    Official Battle Thread

    i lost to my boy dazer but im down for more battles....