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  1. thanx sure gimmy like a week or 2 and ill send sum out
  2. slap tags pt2 this one was like only 1/2 way finished in this flick http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/l8nZ7_slapa.JPG'> . http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/i19Pn_slaps036.jpg'> i got a silver sharpie right when i was doing this and had some fun this is the template of this style http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/VAZ6a_siesmomstickerbeeeep.JPG'> i later put this on a freight in krylon "stone washed jean," "watermelon" and this top secret color lol nah not realy i just kant rember the name. wish had the flick handy i can only find my walls fucking messy room dambitalltoLA sorry if your from LA but i didnt like la and here iu go on and on $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  3. a few older ones i found these where not done at this time added fx like high lights and shit http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/94oYQ_FIXED.JPG'> i am now in recovery and i partake in a daily methadone program and i am picking up the pieces of my shattered self. drugs suck kids. they are giving us to keep us down. do not do dope kids. do not be silenced buy our nmes. or laugh at this and follow the billions of artist and whatever that were snuffed out b4 there time. and dont ever vote republican kids. they hate graff and love "mandos." lol. more flix http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/0XTN6_slap.jpg'> this one came out ok when i finished it ill look for the finished one around town and flick it maby put its just a slap tag so i dont know lol im so over tired i am typing about nothing. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/lSo6b_stick.JPG'> i liked this one cuz i put it on a cop car.
  4. im back on the chace with sume new type shit http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/aRMs2_siesmomstickerbeeeep.JPG'> post more tomorrow gnite
  5. not bad i think you should not fade out your lines and i would make the "a" and "f" the stand out letters. you know by having the "s" and "e" under the "a" and f." also i would have bigger holes in my "s" but thats just me. sies
  6. HJDJHDJXD http://elimin8.net/12oz/d1QC1_hicrew.jpg'> http://elimin8.net/12oz/am8X5_slopefloe1.jpg'>
  7. sies781

    tips + help

    lol it was b4 i knew about thr real cbs lol i only knew bout local crews
  8. sies781

    tips + help

    i like the throw better b4 u added the (!). dont ever give up bro. if it makes u happy to paint heres one of my first scab throws lol http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00385983f00000011.jpg'>
  9. sies781

    Kem 5

    hmmmmm i wonder if kem uses bucket or spray 4 his whole car fills?
  10. going up to nh right now ill send flix when i get there
  11. sies781

    Kem 5

    Re: yea kem thatswhatsuuuuup whats the dj guys name i forget, but by the look on ramo's face i say the dj just busted ass. on a nother note i met ges i beverly like 4 or 5 yrs agoand i watched him blaze that wall for a few hrs. i sayed hi intro'd myself and watched just out of his sight lol. i felt like such a herb i got all nerved out like he was a rock star or some thing. oh how exciting and new graff was to me back then. now it seems like..... 3a is ill
  12. hay i go to new hampshire alot (too much like every other weekend) cuz i got fam there. rather than bask in the whitetrashness of my fam i would like to go paint with someone. my lil'cousin babys father is allways telling me of this huge freight yard. i dont wana go alone or with this kid who probly hasnt checked it out good since he doesnt paint. i have a car and paint but dont know nh at all. if u wana get up some weekend email me. i will return the favor by showing you some chill boston/lynn spots. ok sies fyb
  13. werd that badcompany joint is so fresh.
  14. wtf i didnt think i ever painted in nh,me, or vt. but look upper r.hand corner a blue n white throw. musta been sleep painting again lol. http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3d606b3127cce8d33ef7eef1d0000001610'> beverly nh?
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