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    I thought this thread was about Japan DE!
  2. Cool, I totally understand that. I won't post. My bad man. Take it easy.
  3. Dude how about you shut the fuck up. Who the fuck are you? Argue ITK? If you are, I know who the fuck you are bitch. Your name, "D." So shut the fuck up, faggot. If not, stay anonymous like your fucking screen name. Late.
  4. More shit! http://www.supz.net/graff/lier2.jpg'> http://www.supz.net/graff/sketch.jpg'>
  5. http://www.supz.net/lier.jpg'> NEW SHIT, CRITIQUE IT!
  6. How would you recommend I practice drawing straight lines? Also, who is the MBer you speak of? Where can I find samples of his work? Thanks in advance.
  7. How would I fix the 3D? Of course I'm open for all kinds of criticism. I want to figure out what's wrong and then go ahead and fix those problems in hopes that I'll become a better artist. Or a so called artist.
  8. http://www.supz.net/art.jpg'>
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