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  1. i suggest you msg 0422294443 and say "i just want to take it slow, im not ready for sex"
  2. having just come out the shower, i am currently wearing a towel...
  3. Is this album recent?? Recorded around the time of strummers death? the clash rocked shit...
  4. Ermm... 10. straight out. life is fucked. i hate every second of it. being dead seems fun...
  5. ovies


    Oh and yeh, the cover of Joy Division... Love will tear us apart. for JJJ (a radio staion in aus) was great!
  6. ovies


    Oh yes! This is sooo my thread! Disintegration and Wish... their best albums! Love song... my personal favourite song, equal with A night like this... They're just too fucking dope. Seeing them in concert when they came to Australia a few years back was pretty mad, Played most of there darker songs, opposed to the happy shit like love cats. Over all it was fucking nuts. Love em.
  7. Well.. My suggestion is as follows A lime green bandana, one or two.... fucking 3 of them One on the head, one on the wrist, one in the pocket. Then... Overalls... A few chains.... maybe a shotgun.
  8. ovies


    I never knew Punk has such a following by writers...
  9. Spiting Is a disgusting Habit people often adapt as it makes them appear "hard." Personally I hate spitting, unless ofcourse you need to.
  10. well... the last concert i went to was shit. So i shall not mention it... But the last good concert, was a few years back. The Cure.. theyre final tour thing. They rocked shit.
  11. This really dope slut just brought me Pizza and Cold and Flu tablets. Thats kinda cool. I couldnt touch her tho cos im sick. Mad fucked up.
  12. Im pretty pissed off. I have a toothache, I think i need a filling, the flu and i cant talk. Its not cool But then i saw endo... so my day will all be alright...
  13. Well... If you did this in Mirabooka... yes. Other then that... NO. we aren't really any different.... Australia thats is. Most aboriganl/Indigenous people here are alright... keep to them selves and drink theyre cask wine and sniff there solvents... good on em... they can keep doing there thing. But yeh u do get hardcunt thugs, as you do anywhere who would kick up about it. peace
  14. ovies


    Cooool! and stuff. From where i am located in the world a simple plan are percieved as "punk" as much as i acknowlege theyre probably not. more... Less then jake, Pennywise, Guttermouth, Alkaline Trio, penfold, Frenzal Rhomb, Millencollin, Last years Hero, Brand New, Antiskeptik... that'll do for now... oh and metal core... that kinda grew from hardcore... Atreyu, From autumn to Ashes... i need sleep.
  15. ovies


    ... First, as to selling out, The whole concept refers not to getting popular and making lots of money. But its the band changing there music to appeal to the popular market, yes this will result in the selling out...money, fame and whatnot. As to the best punk bands, old bands such as The buzzcocks, Angelic upstarts, the clash, dead kennedys, the sex pistols, the cockney rejects, the 4-skins, the damned, the jam(not that they were really punk), as well as some dope ska bands which also emerged later on such as madness and the specials. Nowdays, emmm id have to say im a sucker for AFI, boy sets fire, thursday, the ataris, something corporate, Taking back sunday, MXPX, Thrice, Finch, Dropkick murphys, sugarcult, a simple plan, No-fx , teen idols, lagwagon, anti-flag, ermmmmmmm... probably a few more... and yes im aware a lot of them are faggy emo-lets go sing about death and cutting ourself cos i lost a girl-core meh... the musics allright, as are some of the girls... they are all pretty fucked in the head. But the punk scene sucks. oh how i just wasted my time. funtimes. peace.
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