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  1. boo to the klame nice to see some mitcham flex on here...think he has some other stuff on the tram line
  2. i thort u was gonna do some steel..oh well stickers are..um good :o
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and evry1 else who be wineing if u see the thread named nt crew...and u dislike them ...why then go on it to moan...let thoughs who like what they do view it..and save your breath and time for a thread u truly appreciate
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ i think its......outlaw crew and ncs crew.....raw eloh jae cant remember the rest but i saw the yard shots somewhere
  5. Nang crome on connex south eastern looked quite quik......... MrBronson could u read the pannels on the disiro????????
  6. suprise no1 has posted these yet..... http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/50/wc1.jpg http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/50/wc2.jpg http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/50/wc3.jpg soz dont know how to post them as pics.....to lazy to learn
  7. so much hatred in this room for nt......and why are thy sellouts....wot makes it different from a wall comishion?....if there is any1 to focus your(well mine anyway) anger at is authoritys. They let wholecars be advertised and expect people to not get influenced by it.....and they arrest your ass if u do getinfluenced by wot is brainwashing......anyway i made my sentence carry on boys
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