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  1. If youve either got a scanner or digital camera and live in auckland city, go take a shitload of photos and hook them the fuck up.
  2. ????

    La Mano

    anyone got more????
  3. ????

    La Mano

    Anyone got more???
  4. The ones in montana are metal. I heard they even sell montana magnets?????? sounds stoopid to me.
  5. Graffiti can be anything, as long as it's illegal. Whether you can read it or not who really gives a fuck. Some people need to be more open minded about things. I mean, guessing your american, do you consider futura's whole cars to be graffiti? Try not to be so ignorant. Sick thread.
  6. http://www.decayed.co.nz/akgraf/images/DCP_0032.JPG'> http://www.decayed.co.nz/akgraf/images/DCP_0069.JPG'> http://www.decayed.co.nz/akgraf/images/DCP_0070.JPG'> Some of this shits kinda old..
  7. From stickupkids.com. http://www.stick-up-kids.de/image/writers/askew/askew11.jpg'> http://www.stick-up-kids.de/image/writers/askew/askew10.jpg'> http://www.stick-up-kids.de/image/writers/askew/askew04.jpg'> http://www.stick-up-kids.de/image/writers/askewc/askewc03.jpg'> on canvas.
  8. http://www.decayed.co.nz/disruptivtour/askew8.jpg'>
  9. http://www.decayed.co.nz/disruptivtour/askew18.jpg'> http://www.decayed.co.nz/disruptivtour/askew19.jpg'>
  10. http://www.disruptiv.com/newstuff/newchromes1.jpg'> http://montananz.co.nz/Files/TerribleJoin.jpg'> Askew-Phat-Exist-Dyle-Pest5-Pang-characters by Pork. http://www.disruptiv.com/images/CREW/big/ASKEW/62.jpg'> http://www.stick-up-kids.de/image/writers/askew/askew08.jpg'>
  11. http://www.disruptiv.com/newstuff/fayh.jpg'> http://www.disruptiv.com/newstuff/action.jpg'> http://www.dohdoh.orcon.net.nz/askewbrit.jpg'>
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