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  1. gets WAS a toy, and who are you for talking shit? you wouldnt even show up to battle amews. and this isnt jame one this is gets one
  2. i havent been dissapointed by any pages in this section thus far. its nice to see dope work
  3. all this stuff is dope because old skool is dope. i hate living in this era because graf is so fucked up nowadays and back then it wasnt about all this beef and war and having shitty attitudes thats what its like today. oh and alot of imposters on the scene but fuck it i still gotta bomb.
  4. i wish i coulda been born in the old skool days
  5. my mind gone that way nice biting on that "i think my mynd went that way" piece. keep that kind of stuff up and theres no doubt youll get no respect. uhhh as far as your characters go i like the creativity that you put into them. they are slick and not bitten. keep everything unique and never ever bite off someone because nobody respects stupid biters. im out. " I get too happy doin atmospheric damage...."- Slug
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