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  1. i'll go with you but i wont be your girlfriend because im a lesbian,.....yea a really big dyke:D
  2. i aint trynna instigate but, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh. haha j/k naw seriously tho wassup blank man ( _ _ _ _ ) been trynna hit you up but they be like shanqiua dont live here no mo'. hit me up nigga. oh yea san jo norte x3:D
  3. :dazed: hosek is dope. sigan haciendo desmadre
  4. its spelled paella and boy oh boy that stuff is good:lick: my dads friend owns a spot were they hook it up proper a bit pricey but we get the hook up:cool:
  5. im gettin one on thursday for five bills, oh the fun times its gonna be. cant wait
  6. aye _ _ _ _ imma hit you up later on today been hella working and shit, selling naranjas by the happy hollow aint no joke duuuuuude. gonna cop that new chingo bling with slumpin ass tamalero tracks:lick:
  7. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00430236f00000009.jpg'> DAAAAAAMN GINA!!!!!:dazed: :yum:[
  8. san jo here we go let me know, fuck im bored
  9. well said man well said ::round of applause for weapon x::
  10. his part in the girl video Yeah Right is fucking dope, R.I.P keenan Milton
  11. damn ____ them x's are hot :D just fucking wit you, hit me up with em ill post em up
  12. indo smoking money FREE MARTHA STEWART! and that fucking whale too
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