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  1. thanks for the heads up. if i would've known to avoid the intros i would have. but i didn't know beforehand, so therefore it's my bad.
  2. i could very well tell you about the other fraction of myself regarding the things you posted, but that would be me blabbing again. and you know i don't want to talk your ear off or anything. thanks for welcoming me into the forum. i'm sure there are more than 10 members that are *just* like me. and there's probably about the same amount that are *just* like you. or are we all just one in the same? what do i have to offer? to who? you? nothing. i have nothing to give to you. nor would i want to if i did. and if i did i'm sure you wouldn't want it. or would you want it with open arms? i think not.
  3. i don't think it matters if i revealed if i was a girl or a boy. who the fuck cares? and who says i'm blabbing my mouth? i merely introduced not even a fraction of who i am to many who don't even give a rats ass. therefore most of what i've said probably holds no worth at all.
  4. yes! send me your cock pics! i'm collecting them for my porn website and i'm going to make money off all your pics! i'll be rich! rich i tell you!
  5. robotic


    i ride a cannondale road bike. - racing 500. it's red with yellow vittoria 700x23 tires. - shimano parts - clipless pedals i also have: - old chrome GT mach 1 bmx bike - small red schwinn cruiser i'm currently building a track bike using an old Guerciotti road bike frame.
  6. most of the graf i've seen up here gets buffed pretty quickly. but i've seen some good pieces and throwups as well as stencils randomly. most of the stuff up everywhere are stuff by hazel, lamerz, HOD, 4DC, KIDS.
  7. goddamn! you found me out! now what the hell will i do? fuck, back to the eating donuts, getting fat and harassing random people it is!
  8. dude i'm not a cop at all. very far from it actually.
  9. sweet. well nice to meetcha mr president! i'm sure we'll get along just great.
  10. hey! i'm robotic or robo. i'm new to the message board but not new to graf. i've been into it for a while and admiring the work of great graf artists and artists in general, but only been bombing for a little over a year. i'm representing portland, or, but i'm originally from southern cali. oh yeah, i'm a girl. i feel like i'm the only girl writer out here, but i don't know many or any writers in portland either... so if you're out here say hi cos i'm always down for meeting new kids and makin' friends. hit me up on AIM or something - crimsonxcurse. xoxo robotic [ARC][MM1]
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