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  1. Grafdisciple


    Why dont you wait till you have your crew put together then putogether a name based on what you all write. Or go with lampshade gargoyles. I like that one.
  2. Ya I seen that shit to. I also seen a buncha stuff with numbers on them. I'd like to meet a 12 foot tall woman. The longer the canoe the smoother the ride.
  3. Just get a good lawyer and laugh at the cops when you walk outta court with a big old case dismissed.
  4. Do yourself a favor and take glutamine instead or creatine.
  5. Message to stupid citizens. If you are going to get out of your car to confront someone who is ballsy enough to throw his board at you dont talk to him. Just smack him in the grill. If you just want to yell and scream at him give it up and stay in your ride. Cause (this is a big suprise) he wont care and may kill your dumb ass. The stupidity of people just slays me.
  6. Ya kick boxing is great as is thai boxing but I'd start simpler till ya get rolling.
  7. K everyone bear in mind that what I'mgonna say is not intended to disrespect any martial art. They all have good and bad points. If I was starting out again I'd start with straight boxing. It hardens the body builds strength speed co ordination ect ect. It also teaches you how to take a punch which most martial arts dont at least initially. With that I'd staet mixing in yoga for the meditative and flexibility aspects. Once you have done these 2 things for a years or so you will definately be tougher than your average dude. But more importantly you will have a better idea of where your strengths are. After that I'd start to explore every different art I had access to until I found the one that takes advantage of my natural gifts. Thats my rant.
  8. Buhahahahahaha nice really fukin nice.
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