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  1. Originally posted by Huxnuts@Aug 11 2005, 10:55 PM

    Props to El Toro for smashin' shit, and also like'n that ipod lookin' sticker near the top.


    But for the rest of the people (yes this the anal retentive side of me, whoever said that about me), can't you pm each each other? Or should everyone know that you sent out the package to so-and-so. It's fine or whatever, but this whole page is dedicated to this. Maybe someone should start a new thread for exactly this topic. Argue if you want, but it's really like talking to a brick wall that doesn't give a shit.


    Shouldn't you have PM'd that to all of us, because there was no photo with that post, and it didn't pretain to the general public. Props could have been givin to el toro personally through a very sweet pm.




  2. on the otherhand tho, we are breaking the law, so we can't expect them to hand us flowers. Even tho they may be assholes it is the job they were assigned to do. Protect and serve the city. They do thier job, I do mine.

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