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  1. MrGraffiti2


    The one with the club like background? If so, then i'll see when I could post it up if it's the one you're talking about.
  2. A closeup of the West, Dash, and Dub, when completed would be nice.
  3. LooksLikeYouNeedALilHelpThere
  4. MrGraffiti2


    The pics speak for themselves.
  5. One time for Clear "The letter bender" :crazy: I'm liking it. :)
  6. I dont think an argument is really necessary. From the flicks I can see,
  7. http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/cloggedcaps309.jpg'>
  8. ^^^^^^ Im going to have to agree there. She does look cute. :love: Is that a chicks wall that Acet's on, and what all girls are on it? Some cool stuff up in here. Let it keep pouring in.
  9. Nice flicks above. If its complete post it up.
  10. Thats what im sayin. How the hell is a message edited on 06-27 2003 at 06:19 PM when its posted on 06-28 2003?! Not only a message but every post Ctrl+Alt+Del posts is edited...nevermind. Im off to bed. Look at the bright side. At least your not in jail until your 52 or something.
  11. OffTopicBut... :shook: Somethings sorta freaky, am I the only one noticing it?! :shook: Or is it daily that someone gets....by....mmm you should get the picture. :o
  12. OuttaCuriosity What did you eat, and did you shower?
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