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  1. found another angle on the either, gamble and skrybe in process...
  2. ether's piece was bangin... where's the gamble flick?...
  3. velcro and quitrock thats them boys!
  4. big biter, heavy hesr, killa coupe, what i like to see..
  5. username1

    INDY 500

    aww...sniffle sniffle.. nobody getting any attention..aww.. my condolences to those that go ignored.
  6. good work.. im felling those MYKER pieces.. good GRAVEs as well. MAC. is that j. love hewitt on the green and black portrait?. the other girl looks like the girlfriend in 8 mile. nice picture heavy thread.
  7. username1

    INDY 500

    Re: Taking Freights Seriously sir, yes sir..
  8. username1

    INDY 500

    that exile and esay stuff is pretty nice.. is that the same tfs out of the northwest...?.
  9. Nace of course, clean as always ELSE blowinup the page, prayer simple pleasure........ to many to mention..
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