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  1. this thread be pimp yah.diepig reppin the hood crews, pimp i spose, aight then .
  2. frasier and seinfeld I personally think that frasier and seinfeld really suck, the simpsons is the best show in the world, there were some really good ones mentioned though i must say, married with children! what about ducktales? and spongebob was cool for a little bit, but yall know about invader zim ¡Blarky!
  3. Pimp shit bumpity bump Those stickers are extremely ill, my boy cracker got sent away but he used to make shit kinda like that, and his charectors are crazy, i like seeing crazy art, much props. ¡BLARK!
  4. What the fuck? thats some retarded shit, but then again you have to realate to your mom somehow right?, and your the fucking moron bitch.¡BlARk!
  5. What the fuck is smoking a cone? i mean i smoke alot of pot but ive never heard of smoking cones.thats a whole lot of blark!
  6. Well i was there and it turns out my boy right here won, now i believe the way you lean how to fight is by getting your assed kicked a few times, it was a fine fight if there was anything illegal going on i woulda jumped in, but there wasnt, so this freshman needs to stop crying.....!!BLARKY!!!!
  7. Blark! Does anyone know whatsh up with this guy whos writing "sarah"? i hear hes a dumb goth kid and thats his girls name. anyone know whats up? ive seen some of his shit up, nothing to brag about
  8. blark Blarky! why do you support LSP i came up with the idea for think basic and lsp is a crappy ass crew, no disrespect to the fellows though, pretty cool guys
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