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  1. Oh shit Sege MSG Died!!!!!! What happened to him??? I remember when he first came out. RIP
  2. Prove me wrong STV FS and WH have no reps in Miami and thats a fact. Real niggas know!!!! Especially Bashoe I’m just dropping the facts.
  3. Fula Bashoe I didn’t ask you if you slept with Ese.. Stop trying to shout niggas out to get fame. You aint down june bug. That’s your whole record 1-0?? You proved my point my girl could drop Bane that’s nothing to brag about. You get no props, you have no rep for graff or beatdowns and neither does your crew. You’re only claim to fame is running your mouth on 12oz. You might fool a few of these toys and out of towners but real niggas now!!!
  4. Bashoe's Fantasy Island Now your saying you've been writing for 15 years!!!!!!! You’re really making a fool of yourself Jr.... Try 3 years.. That must have been a typo.. What a joke your stories are getting wild soon you'll say you taught Stay high 149 handstyle..
  5. Dont Believe the hype.... Fula Bashoe, You talk so much fantasy shit it boggles my mind. I’ve never ever ever heard of you or any members of your wack ass crews ever beating anybody down. Yet your on here talking shit like you run Miami and like if your famous for throwing beat downs all made up fantasy shit. Your internet campaign is not fooling anybody. Everybody who matters knows how wack you and your crew are. I’ve heard of mad niggas who fight or give beatings but you and your crew aren’t on the list. So please stop your front. List of Real Miami niggas who are famous for beating niggas down: VO5 Dash Seam HRT Abomb Zame Mike 129 I’ve also heard about 7up fighting niggas, Ink heads fighting, and I’m sure theirs others I just cant remember , but I’ve never heard even the smallest peep from STV FS or WH. In fact I think STV niggas have been robbed before at the Hialeah pennet. Somebody please prove me wrong. And don’t tell me you beat some dude down that nobody ever heard of. Bashoe MTvcrew... stop watching videos its clouding your reality!!!!
  6. Dam Bashoe is still in here self-promoting and talk fantasy shit...Wow, you are definitely a june bug. I told you real bad boys move in silence. Obviously your not bad cause you cant shut the fuck up. You had to make a phony interview to get attention!!! Baaa hahahahahah now that’s funny shit. Plus niggas are saying your not the real Bash…. ahhahahahahaha
  7. 50 cent is wack I would poke 50 cents right eye out. Then grab him by his ears and face fuck'em!!
  8. What about The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, kendo nagasaki, king kong bundy, and the funk brothers
  9. Miami The freshest crews ever in MIA were TVC & 7-UP:king: and what.... If i can figure out whats going on here i'll post some flicks..
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