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    flu season

    yeah..fuck being sick..i got a sinus infection..a badass ear infection and a fever. :mad:
  2. no..fuck a protest..unless maybe there giving free beer away
  3. holy shit on that last one when i closed my eyes i seen a fuckin purple jesus..now i can see it still while looking at my computer screen..thats fuckin rad..
  4. i was in this situation a couple weeks ago and i talked to my boy and he said go for it..but maybe i was just lucky
  5. http://www.pcdigest.net/metasearch/img/a_shwarzenegger.jpg'> YOU SON OF A BITCH!
  6. Nas-illmatic Nas-i am Nas-stillmatic Nas-god's son Ghostface-supreme clientel mostly not new but good..new shit doesnt appeal to me that much.
  7. thin mints all tha way biatchhhhhhhhhh
  8. Anyone read this book? It's pretty fucking graphic and I love it. A lot better than the movie. Any other recommendations for books like this?
  9. i've found old metallica to be the fucking jam lately..anyone else like it?
  10. yeah jedi mind is hot...they dont even do shows anymore here...probly my favorite underground shit
  11. oh my bad i thought it was true..cus my boy just told me about it and said it was on y100 or somethin so i found this..oh well..
  12. lobester sex gets me hard.
  13. yeah. one time right after my grandmom died we were over the house..and the door to her room was locked from the outside and all the other doors upstairs were closed..and we heard a door slam and went upstairs and hers was open. and everyone was downstairs when it happened. uhhm weird things get written on stuff in my house and things go missing...thats about all i can think of for now
  14. $ FAT_ALBERT


    yeah well my boy was goin wit dis girl and they broke up or whatever and i started talkin to her jus as a friend. now she likes me and im likin her too. girls the coolest broad i ever met. my boy was a real asshole to her when they were together. but i dunno what to do cus i aint tryin to fuck with my friendship by gettin with her but i aint tryin to miss out on a good ass girl. i think if hes my boy he should understand..what do you think?
  15. anyone know a good site to download pc games?
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