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  1. ill b sure i do that and obvousley u aint doubtin shit,,,,,if that was the case im sure u woulda been alot quicker to meet up which the invitation is still there.............................
  2. dont worry about me and so what if i end up n jail its none of ur business is it??? quit runnen ur mouth nigga i dont no who called the cops or where ur gettin that frum but had nothing to do with it...aint no rats here bitch its cool though have fun with ur little party on a tueseday night :lol: ur a lame pure and simple.....its cool tho ive pm'd u til im blue n the face and u didnt want it so im just gunna leave it at that.....
  3. not at all i aint on here trying to be hard i tried to get him to meet me so many times it aint even funy.....u shuld c the pm i literally beged him to meet me and he wont do it he sits on here and runns his mouth all day and when sum one tries to settle it he bitches out thats e thuggin not me trying to meet him....shit call it what u want if thats the case im a e thug.....but not a bitc like molester
  4. u concord kids think writers is a joke where im frum niggas get down....ill blow this niggas head rite offa his sholders dont doubt me nigga u dont no me
  5. im redy nigga i got a slug waitin fer this nigga i aint playen games this niggas a bitch ill meet him ani where ani time lets go!! dont make me post the pm and relly show how much of a bitch u relly r!
  6. yep thats exactley what it is so meet me bitch we can setel all this real quick nigga just meet me dont b hard on a key board and then back down when sum one wants to meet u
  7. then just meet me if u feel that way bitch.....name the place i dar u just name the place pussy i swear to god ill b there within the hour i dare u to......i dare u
  8. i dont no how many times i got to tell u this aint cake bitch just meet me and well c whos who....aint no snitches around this way bitch...........ask niggas who i am kuz it sure as fuck aint cake
  9. whats up molester u aint gunna pm me back or what u little bitch????
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