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  1. NICE GRAFFITI! mah mahn mazah!!!!!!!
  2. where wer these spoted may i ask??? if you dont want to say it on here email me at southofheaven631@hotmail.com thank you MUCH!
  3. FUCK! yeaaaa...asic and shade!! etcetraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  4. http://images.prosperpoint.com/2642/133109-5.jpg'> its a biggy....dekoy, reser.
  5. http://images.prosperpoint.com/images/2642/133108-1.jpg'> nohrt http://images.prosperpoint.com/images/2642/133108-3.jpg'> dekoy http://images.prosperpoint.com/images/2642/133108-2.jpg'> dekoy http://images.prosperpoint.com/2642/133109-3.jpg'> reser
  6. Re: well uh oh, ive done it now, hes actually comming:eek: see you then faggot.
  7. i have no other way of threatning him, and dont think it wont happen.
  8. Re: YEAh i suggest you never show your face in Vancouver again.
  9. maybe he was maybe he wasnt, why does it mater?
  10. fuck yea!...first nohrt sucks though.
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