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  1. hey whats up everybody im back...go go head itll be a year friday since we spoke karma if you can, get at me...rezist your a sucka emcee and everyone else whats up...what up puker, stoe i cant wait till i seee your fuckin ass and what up every one i missed yall fuckers but im back so get the fuck at me the way you know how.......your nizzle izzle
  2. I got a request for some motha fucking msp! and not the same ol flicks from there website from back when...frank white you suck...love always da zig ziggaler
  3. hey bonus do me a favor man...keep that spot under wraps...its a fresh spot that id rather not be posted online enjoy it but dont post it online i understand there decent stuff down there but let people seek it out them selfs i dont want this spot blown like the rest...and another thang man dont leave all your shit down there its not cool...just makes the spot hot....and anyways it not even in dc....i understand you just got in the scene just be smart about shit...not everyone veiws things like we do.... scrapple definatly has room for talking...:king:
  4. dopeness.....freeexist..
  5. http://www.fototime.com/{FCB4B105-C3BE-484D-8AB6-ACD12DDEEEFE}/picture.JPG'> to bad he went right over that phone...id have rather seen that then this....
  6. virginia what! won up mafia!!!!!!!
  7. word...umm there all x's bro..........
  8. that shit about serk i read in the washington post or one big new paper comp. shits real iunno why the guy would do that shit..mabye he just wasnt thinkin...
  9. i didnt see it anyone have a non censered picture? im positive there out there....
  10. yeah well see i outlined it in a black micron but then i added a silver inline which turned it into a blob kinda...it looks better in person but i could have done with out the silver i think i shoulda inlined it with a darker color
  11. can someone please repost my image cuz my shits all fucked up i would appriciate it thanks....
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