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  1. bump for dope posts... that celo bomb is fresh... keep it up
  2. yo ethreads, dope posts... by chance do you have the skunk-hydro peices done by celo and soz, if you do post em up, thanks, peace
  3. wow, i just peeped the first 5 pages and it is DOPE AS HELL, nice going ethreads... yo, i was just wondering if i could drop you an email with a few older and newer ct flicks cuz i dont have an image host anymore.... thanks dude..... peas out
  4. damn, ive got some crazy motherfukin flix for this shit too, ima going to scan em and post em', they aint too crazy, but damn wuz that shit fun, anyway, they'll be up in a day or too... HUGE props to kids holding this shit down, nice posts everyone, help keep graFF. killen and bomb like FUK !!
  5. IMPORTANT well, maybe not that important, but can any of you guys hit me up with an email at Pyro1986@aol.com, i need to get in touch with florida writers for one of my boys... he moved down there and needs people to paint with, ill send you guys flicks of his stuff... i would post one or 2 on the thread, but my photo account ran out, so ill hit em' up on tha email, any responses would be much appeciated... peace, and thanks
  6. yeah je likes to get a little silly.. check out 'the new ct thread' for some new stuff.
  7. ya, it sucked, i didnt get a ride down, yea, it sucks having no car... but yea, from what i see, that fuck'n rage and jick in the clouds and shit is cool as hell, and sket, your peice came out pretty chillen... im gonna try to make it down there to at least catch flix, i know im almost a fucking week late, oh well.... iight kids, work calls tommorw,... godnight and paint hard
  8. Yo, i just took a trip throughout NYC and UFO is all over, definately feeling it, hope he keeps doin what he doin for a LOOOOOONG time, def. some illen stuff, i'd like to get one of his stickers...
  9. Saft 33

    ::SUB DF::

    yo, if it werent for sub, i wouldnt have graff inside my brand new shoes... i just picked up a pair of vans that sub had done the insoles for the vans coorperation, ill get flix of them posted later, im too lazy now
  10. Saft 33


    I do know about a handstand but he can talk to woodland creatures... http://pic5.picturetrail.com/VOL73/989885/1840928/23358311.jpg'> JICK http://pic5.picturetrail.com/VOL73/989885/1840928/23358297.jpg'> Jick, Roky
  11. Chicks are cool Yo, ill get some flix posted up tommowow of some chicks doing graff, i just need to photo-shop-annonymize them out of the pictures... Calix (she does not paint anymore) and Snad (currently hittin alot of cool shit) both from the CT area... actually, calix was the first person i ever painted with, and i am currently painting with snad alot, and let me tell you, chicks can definately hit shit just as hard as guys, painting freights, trucks... you name it, they hit em'... props to chicks doin graff.
  12. Saft 33

    JIVE - CT

    hey sisteray, who else was up on the other side on that second flick just out of curiosity....
  13. Saft 33


    yea... i got flicks from that production at fame... "the crosshairs", really ill production, ill post them tommorow, im quite tired now, sorry
  14. Saft 33

    JIVE - CT

    hell yea man, i love getting black and white photos along with color photos of good peices
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