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  1. mine too!! That's fuckin great
  2. look seriously.. you're the bitch inventing a fake name to come on here and use your 1st post to fuck with someone who still has throw ups running from the late 80s around here.. also i drive by a couple veto tags every fucking day from the early-mid 90s.. he did not start this thread either you moron.. get your shit together before you rattle away an uneducated rant on the keyboard. I have gone bombing with veto plenty of times.. train lines.. highways.. creepy cracked out buildings in bridgeport...etc..
  3. THREAD MOVED TO www.puregraffiti.com
  4. so happy http://www.abeloner.com/pieces/iof/booskarq.jpg'>
  5. http://www.designisretarded.com/temp/37.jpg'> spre
  6. http://www.designisretarded.com/temp/36.jpg'> spre
  7. http://www.designisretarded.com/temp/35.jpg'> spre
  8. http://www.designisretarded.com/temp/34.jpg'> spre
  9. http://www.designisretarded.com/temp/33.jpg'> spre
  10. http://www.designisretarded.com/temp/32.jpg'> spre
  11. http://www.designisretarded.com/temp/19.jpg'> era & violent
  12. http://www.designisretarded.com/temp/18.jpg'> era
  13. http://www.designisretarded.com/temp/17.jpg'> pace
  14. http://www.designisretarded.com/temp/16.jpg'> pace
  15. donated http://www.designisretarded.com/temp/15.jpg'> era
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