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  1. we need to burn toys so people can see our royalty! aint that right Kill Me Now!!!!1 :::::smacks the shit out of Kill Me Now:::::
  2. i punked u on that graff board, i dont owe u shit :rolleyes:
  3. anyone wana bet virus stops writing in a year ???? kids fucking wack. and i got another 5 riding on he will stop writing virus cause how much we are slamming on this fool.
  4. nice, the last one is your best if you ask me.
  5. graff board, draw with ur 12ozprofit members visit the addy below and bust with one another, has a decient size drawing board for you fellas to hit up. http://www.tragiksouls.com/graff/Graff.html PACE
  6. ya i dont mind moshe........... but... virus..:confused: ................. YOUR A FUCKING TOY!! :crazy:
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