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  1. Do an inline holmes.. Big Mines gangsta'
  2. Damn, these are about as fresh as a Coupe De Ville sittin on 24's. If you are not a fan of Coupe, you do have to love him because of his numbers. I know mad writers, but not one of them has more numbers than C-Dizzle. Holla at your boy!!!
  3. ODDIO

    as up!

    Coupe De Ville
  4. That Kwest is HOT, good call MORON. Coupe, Rype, and that shit with the RX is HOT too.
  5. Stick and Stones Hey, Fuck Opinions, fuck your opinion. If you are gonna dis like that then you should say what you write. Do not hide behind your computer!http://images.deviantart.com/emoticons/odd/icon_pc.gif'>
  6. Sucker Jelly_One, what do you write? Big ass H8R! Keep jockin' your idols...
  7. What piece of shit? Jelly, what do you write? That Deny is hot and it is toy shit to cap trains.:(
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