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  1. <font color="F08043">O</font color><font color="E46F3C">O</font color><font color="D65B32">O</font color><font color="C74629">H</font color><font color="B8321F"> </font color><font color="AA1D16">B</font color><font color="9B080D">U</font color><font color="9B080D">R</font color><font color="A91C16">N</font color><font color="B7301F">!</font color><font color="C54428">!</font color><font color="D45831">!</font color><font color="E26C3A">!<font color="F08043"></font color>
  2. i really hope that wasnt directed towards me.. i have plenty pent up rage to release.
  3. he signed off.. its time for mommy to give him his bath..
  4. no reply? whats wrong did you get sand in your vagina while making sand castles with your little sister?
  5. actually.. no i have been on 12oz since late 99 early 2000.. this is a new name.. research people before you talk shit. i seriously hope you arent trying to start any thing graffiti wise with me.. im not in cleveland much... but i could take you in a weekend with my left hand. and whats with the name "seno"? as if sano's balls arent sore enough from you little toy ass bitches suckin them too hard. i have never heard of your toy ass except online.. and where are your flix? i dont see them.. no one sees them. your in dsk yet.. this is an unknown fact according to napo and dizy. 1. get a real name. 2. you are a toy. 3. make a name for yourself 4. scratch 1 and 3.. and just kill your self. 5. have some one mail your body parts to your family. 5a. the head goes to your mother.
  6. you gave out some ones real name.. and you have done nothing but bitch and whine.. so shut the fuck up..
  7. http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-6/230006/DSC01431.JPG'> ^^ Glam^^ http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-6/230006/DSC01430.JPG'> ^^Arize(Sarsilla)^^ http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-6/230006/glamline.jpg'> ^^ Glam ^^
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