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  1. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00338061f00000001.jpg'> this one right?
  2. Yo wind, I like it..when did you do that? you should fix the f on the HFC. cool though.
  3. MyName

    this is swek!

    is the SWS from denver an extension of the one from L.A. ? or the other way around or not at all?
  4. MyName

    my homie....

    The "yo fool" is my favorite part. it adds, hmm, what do you call it....flava! go to school and dont do drugs
  5. MyName


    very nice. i dig the last two the most. the a on the third one from the bottom (the bomb) is pretty fresh. coooooooool man.
  6. MyName


    i do the same thing man, and half the time i wash them in the laundry and get pissed when i put on my clean pants with thick wads of runny ink that could have been my next best creation. anyways, i like the last one you posted. cool man.
  7. MyName


    i dont like the crumpled paper effect, it throws off the whole scheme. nah but the handsyle, like tres said, is probably the only good part about it. but if it looks good to you than thats alllllll that should matter.
  8. MyName

    new shyte ...TUO

    the first one is alright i like it better than the second. i dont like the way the second flows, i dont think it really goes together well. but the first one is pretty dope. cool man.
  9. Even though you make really wack shit, you *draw* lots of attention. Everytime you post something of your's or start a thread you get sooo many people reply. In a way you are very popular on here. i say keep it up and let everyone hate on you, you are putting time into what you like and you stir these people up. cool man.
  10. VEW124 MSK! he gets up and at the same time gets down. how can this be? hmm. maybe we should rethink our terminology. maybe not. who cares
  11. MyName

    my homie....

    damn twinky, i bet you got some thick ass glasses and it makes you hard to tell what the fuck you are sketching. hah. it might help if you were baseball caps and backpacks all the time. anyways, want some mints?
  12. nice Mug, i like the white effect on top of the bomb ...hahahahahaaaaaaa
  13. MyName


    very nice, i like the characters
  14. i like that, i kinda like the straight line to 3d. if it had a nice transition fom one to the other it would look pretty cool. well i like it anyways!
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