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  1. motorbreath


    wow...your soooo hardcore, can i carry your paint..
  2. motorbreath


    Shoppers we have a lost child in aisle 5...answers to the name of Jan Brady...
  3. motorbreath

    All Australian Thread

    post them yaself ya bossy cunt...
  4. motorbreath

    Australian trains! [EYEGASM UPDATE]

    all sick except that ivo slop...
  5. motorbreath

    The Battle

    did DASH do that second one....if not i think he might want his style back...
  6. motorbreath

    The innovative style thread

    for real...PULL OUT THE LEG WARMERS AND FINGERLESS GLOVES, BIGBLACKO IS COMIN TO TOWN...reef yaself outta the past fella...
  7. motorbreath


    Nice piece tease you fucken toy half stepper....even uses emoticons in his pieces...sheesh...so toy.
  8. motorbreath

    Over C's

    Stay the fuck outta Australia you skank...we don't want anymore whiny little yanks....the rhyme is free...the kick to the head will cost though..
  9. motorbreath

    Question for the sneaker freaks

    oooooh..listen to little miss thing...goes away for a few months and comes back equipt with raw tude... ..
  10. motorbreath

    Sydney thread

    smeoosytak http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/smytak.jpg'>
  11. motorbreath


    no disrespect to Bingo but we all know this statement is bullshit....i'm sure adam would'nt want it said in the first place. r.i.p.
  12. http://www.viktorkoen.com/exhibitions/quest/images/Quest_Approximator.jpg'> by no means wanting to rain on your parade comp , but the bottom one there reminds me to a lesser degree of victor koens stuff....you should check his site out, it's pretty full on...keep it up. www.viktorkoen.com
  13. motorbreath

    test ......new to this.

    ^^^..listen to this whiny little toy. Nice sketch.
  14. motorbreath

    JMU B-Boy/Girl Battle

    i concur...
  15. motorbreath

    All Australian Thread

    good shit...Peak, solja, mine...blazin saddles.