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  1. merry


    nose, belly button, and surface piercings on my hips .. some on my ears.. in numerous places.. and surface piercings under my belly button, two of them
  2. gross, that is not a girl.:yuck:
  3. excuuuse me i wasnt trying to get attention i was replying to the post, just because i have tits doesnt mean i want to show them to you, a picture of me in jeans and a t-shirt, yes, i should be so ashamed.:rolleyes:
  4. another what? :freak:
  5. i changed the picture for exactly that reason
  6. Name: Jenn Current Status: No status, just sex Likes: guys who smoke, pink, cigars, deep philosophical questions, sitting on my roof, markers, cherry starbursts, your mom, things on sticks, office supply stores Dislikes: uploading pictures, shirts, girls who smoke cigarettes, slow learners, yellow starbursts, math, overhead projectors Ask me about: where my shirt went http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400364809_001P.jpg'>
  7. the sounds were by far the best part
  8. thats reeeeally really gross. :yuck:
  9. hmm... how bout a toothbrush?
  10. Stop fighting !!! its easter!! and 4/20 ..so go eat chocolate and get high or something, that or GROW UP! http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400283452_001P.jpg'>
  11. i think since im a girl, im supposed to say no, because thats 'bad' i guess... ... and 'wouldnt want it happening to me' and stuff but i say yes, i mean if i were you.. haha hell yeah...
  12. merry

    Ways Not to Die

    im not going to die. MIKE WAZOWSKY.
  13. :scowl: i want to marry him
  14. hahaha, what an idiot. the first was the only one worth reading though
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