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  1. hot post. tars heat stelth here navy 8 snsr
  2. that shit is toooooo good. drinking saturday.
  3. but what about when its not just seeing something you thought you have seen before? for example when somebody says something at the exact same time as you, lets say step off a curb, and you could have sworn it had happened the exact same before.
  4. i cant get the prawn smell out of my paws. vancouver canada
  5. word... i woke up half way through and grabbed the mask and started harsh breathing it in until they took it away again. then after it was done i walked around happy as hell, confused and dased trying to give this old woman my teeth.
  6. HAMMED. The geeerrrl just left:dazed:
  7. thats the most interesting pocket so far. a red and a blue sharpie a ballpoint pen a pencil a silver pilot 2 crumpled up sketches keys 35 cents a bus pass
  8. the skan and ster are hot. Sakes throwup is sick.
  9. :lol: :lol: my new favourite channel zero thread...
  10. that game has the most annoying sound ever.
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