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  1. i conformed to the awkward curve of my penis
  2. shitstick


    ? dude... to diss emit is the most blatant act of stupidity ever. this dude has rocked everything... and this whole thread proves that, yet you fucks ramble as if you were certified graff critics... the fact is, YOU are not getting up, assfuck. Lay off emit... he's killin shit and you're just wankin' off at your comp to his color schemes.... jealous fucker. keep doing what you do emit, i'm sure you're used to these hating bitches by now.
  3. flicks Werk LC Posse... http://www11.brinkster.com/defwerk/deskgraff/werkwofwall8small.jpg'> http://www11.brinkster.com/defwerk/deskgraff/werkjensenwall.jpg'> http://www11.brinkster.com/defwerk/deskgraff/werkwofwall7.jpg'>
  4. beef sux eat sausage... haha, Evol... you saw what i painted at the wall of fame, eh?
  5. yo, texas kid here... but i frequent louisiana alot and i'm down to paint with anyone over there... get at me at desk_one@hotmail.com and see what we can do. for a state so close to me, there's gotta be some graff there... hollah at me
  6. Lost Cause... Yo, we can't wait to paint with you guys over spring break... big ups to Deks, Pueser, Vogues, Heroks, Drous, Isore, Hopes, Koder and whoever the hell else reps with the L-Ceazers... Texas-Colorado... Werk@holik....
  7. well... houston fucking sucks. if you're a piecer and take your time out to drop dope shit, theirs always a crew out to hate on you regardless... and then diss your pieces out of jealousy and spite... same with the bombers but thats a different order of operations, freights are the only way to express yourself beyond our little shitthole called Houston. some people here can never grow beyond their own ignorance and just learn to appreciate whats out there, and if they can do better... by all means do so. To me... the people keeping it alive are all too few, and i'm not out to justify m
  8. http://www11.brinkster.com/defwerk/underwaterproduction.jpg'> http://www11.brinkster.com/defwerk/deskwofwall6.jpg'> http://www11.brinkster.com/defwerk/kodewofwall6.jpg'>
  9. shitstick


    it's ok... i mean, you have to look at the legend and where you see tracks, click on the satellite arial view shit tab thing on the map's box and it'll show you zoom in and you'll see tiny clues to a railroad, but its pixelated and hard to see, so... see whats there and near you and whatnot... i found one spot that lay's trains up, but its a rare spot, they can come from anywhere to 3 times a wekk or 3 times a month i guess its somewhat useful
  10. well.. i was walking my little spot of serene chillness... and a homie of mine had a nice big bag of doritos with him... well... i was reluctant to accept a chip, but i soon realized that after i had one, i would not stop until the bag was entirely devoured. i love doritos very much, they make me feel good. i feel better about myself after i've downed a few handfuls. doritos make the world a better place... they taste so damn good... and no, i'm not an obese bastard who seeks food for emotional comfort. i just fell in love with the flavored corn chip from heaven. ...does anyone
  11. ummm, read... read the post... i clearly stated that i read this AFTER i had this encounter and i now know of how dangerous the situation was. read godamnit.
  12. this took place when i first started painting trains a long ass time ago... me and a pal were painting at a huge up yard, and they had their shit guarded at an electrical fence and a little cabin deal that must have operated the gate. starting at one track and it eventually spread out to like 8 or 9 tracks or some shit. imonna attempt to make an ASCII diagram or some shit... freeway^^wooded hill^^barbedwirefence^^wooded hill^^tracks well... there was nobody in the little booth so we walked the dirt road at some parts and the woods on others until we got to where the tracks wh
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