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  1. Arent the anit-graff laws anywhere fucked up, right? And no Seattle is not crushed. Not anymore anyway.
  2. I just had this old mexican dude tell me that the one concert I wish I saw was Paul Mcartney. 250 bills for 2 tickets. play on paul.
  3. said Lily who was six years old. Is the book primarily a bunch of bunk, or is a six year kid being qouted as saying "If I dont dress well, I feel geeky" on top of which "Britney Spears is a role model." If that's what a six year old thinks then we have some seriously delusional youth being bread in this country. And for the record Dee, I get what you're saying and to comment it was the author was clearly unresourceful however on the general idea of 'whitegirl culture' dont let that imply -all white girls- worry about that dilluted plastic shit.
  4. my significant other is *half 'the man' half 'charlie'* I bet only the old guys (mrabcandkabar) and maybe seeking and smart will be able to figure that out.
  5. PFSH! I sincerely DOUBT Devilush got the boot. but her email is ShortCutsZine@yahoo.com. Every issue is like a buck or something.
  6. FatBaby

    Graff Girls

    if you werent being sarcastic then my guess would be reminisce. but if you were being sarcastic then- "Yeah who is this other REM 'claiming' to be chick." Those fucking dudes man! Always trying to claim their a chick to get recognition for their work. for those who understood what I meant by that. Keep pressin on! and for those who didn't, you'll get there.
  7. I like those big joe... send me one???? I buy one???we trade work maybe?
  8. Re: since the other thread is closed imma post here.....
  9. Damn I hate when I post first and then go back and read what everyone else wrote - but look I AM FEELIN YOU on some LEGOLAS girlfriend!
  10. an hour after that I woke up and that shit was STILL ON! The graphics were dope for sure though. I mean Smeegle was kinda ...like...almost cute -in my deliriously misguided naivete.
  11. Oh no. Remembering the 80's. I used to rock two pairs of socks that were different color and mismatch them so the matching pair were diagonal to each other. The big poofy bangs, the big thing was too see how high you could make them stand. Old school reebok hightops with the double velcro strips on the ankle. LA Gear hightops with the pink and lime green laces that came with that little keychain. those stupid wannabe mc hammer pants.
  12. What's up pistol. you aint got love for Fabolus. HATER!
  13. Diet Gerber. HAHAHA What the fuck will they come up with next. Man you guys are really lousy at appreciation. Poor yoink.
  14. Reasons why I hate Holidays. Because then people come home from college and when I say people I mainly mean my homies girlfriend. This chick grew up rich. Yet she's mastered the Ghetto Fabulous accent. And always talks about how ghetto she is. While in fact the very outfit she's wearing cost about 500$ and really tries to lie and say she got the shit from the thrift store. She claims she knows all about underground music and talks about how dope necro is and she downloads all his music...and yet she had the nerve to ask "Who is this" when I put on Your Fucking Headsplit. I would like to smash her face. Thank you, this episode of "Venting" with FatBaby has concluded. You will now be returned to your normal broadcasting.
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