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  1. crow is there a guy names corpse in ra crew???? I saw him up when i visited new york from france???same ra or what?happynmew year 2003 drunk.
  2. your dam right. I do believe that did happen. He does not seem to want to talk about it though.
  3. Dont be pissed at him though. You have made it very clear that it is ok to be on some ones dick. Though I think he is on your's less then you are on some people's. If you forgot, you do talk about grey and sigh just as much as he talks about you......If not more.Night
  4. Hahah what a toy. So people know what your screen name is. Now mabby you wont talk so much shit. Thats no reason to drop his adress. Def. a big toy.
  5. what area are these beaing caught in?no need to get specific. Just general.
  6. So you bite your letters from one person and then present them in Grey fasion? Or I meen your boy Lead does this. Not you of course. I thought graffiti was about trying to progress and beaing atleast some what original. How hard is it to coppy the latest scribble.
  7. yea that is all im saying. Your piece got changed. You should be able to fucking see where your shit is coming from. If you cant, mabby some one can post a picture of your shit after it was changed. There is your answer!
  8. There is another person in this thread who has done the same thing as well.....no?
  9. Oh im sure of my self you were told. If I remember, a piece got changed......to say somehting else....no? Im telling facts and your gettign all mad about it. i could care less. I just dont think you should clame some thing that is not true. You dont need to make any more exscuses, so it will be true that you were dooing that style in 2000. Hopefully peopel dont take the internet to seriosly, and there views on you will not change because of what I said. Oh and well put upinsmoke, im glad some one feels the same way i do.
  10. My coment realy was not about me going at scribble jam. It was about YOU and GREY, dooing that shit since 2000. When Grey was dooing it in 2000 and you were dooing it in 2002. It has nothing to do with your gossip. Im realy not trying to diss eather just telling the facts or something. To much chit chat though more flixxxxxx. The totem is super sick too.
  11. That DWA roller is sick! So huge!
  12. stop fighting all. Fealing the freak styles.
  13. fateuroguy


    loving the oil and air. Good shit. Nothing compared to the tube though.
  14. I remember Grey dooing that in 2000, and then I remember Lead trying to do soemhting like it, but not even coming close in 2002 at Scribble jam. I was there to see him get called on it first hand. mber and expert good stuff.
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