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  1. I have seen some of suphers pieces here in austin really sick. glad to see some san antonio flicks.
  2. when you say THAT who are you speaking about? Are speaking of the entire state of texas? These are flicks from Dallas, Austin, and Houston.
  3. Sabath Sabath Prada Prada ATK mania Meow kids, next mania, Keli, Meow Next Poet
  4. vizie vizie vomit worm worm Jade, Next gomer Vomit Worms
  5. Sarin Mania, poet DTS Robot, Pause gomer tetris senik ribe Tragik row vizie
  6. Meow Mania Panik, Sabath Mania mania Atk Mania Sarin, Purge, Habit, Self Sarin, Purge Purge DTS
  7. Sarin, Mania Sarin Sarin Purge Sarin Gomer Purge Mania, Tragik
  8. Purge Purge Reign, Chem Ruins Reign Sekt Sekt Soler Thor Purge Jesse Purge Sarin Mania BK
  9. Purge, Sarin Sarin Sarin Self, Habit Chem Eat, Sekt Gomer Purge
  10. Malk Gomer Gomer Chemical Vomiter Thor, Ruins Prada Sarin Meuow, Tragik, Mania Mania Meow, Tragik, Mania Keli Purge, Sarin Sarin Sarin, Self
  11. Sarin, Thor Gomer Sarin, Thor Gomer, Malk Worms Chemical Purge Reign, Sekt Thor Purge, Sarin Sarin
  12. sorry about the fuck up yeah heres the sarin one... Sarin Prada BK Vomiter Sarin Thor Ruins Gomer Sarin Putz
  13. Purge, Ace, More, Anser Broke Gomer Sarin <img src="http://www.printroom.com/_vti_bin/ViewImage.dll?userid=thrashbott&album_id=92716&image_id=158&courtesy=1'> Gomer Sarin Purge Sekt Tragik
  14. post yer texas flicks here. heres a few I will post more soon I hope this shit works. Sarin Purge sarin mania Chem, Reign, Purge corpse Gomer Sarin
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