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  1. APEKLAN TUFF..Yeah Injer rocks. Him nad I used to get shitty drunk(when he drank) and walk around the gas lamp tagging. We even did some downtown fillins. Vatoe Wars News173 Ames Chie Blis Destn APEKLAN...
  2. good to Zeam killing it out there..he's a good kid.Zeam and I used to lurk about smoking blunts and getting up. Scratching with smity till the wee hours of the morning.
  3. vatoe...more vatoe..apeklantuff..again and again
  4. malcomx

    graf tattoos

    graffiti tattoos is G-A-Y....
  5. Goddamn, young else. Big guys paint big trains.
  6. javascript:showSlideShow('http://www.snapfish.com/slideshow/AlbumID=6264513/t_=5561913','115983219')'>
  7. Wow lots of shit talking. Nice Chue peice. Should have put that Ryan that is right next to it on here. And Mecca, I didn't know you actually painted. Ha Ha, just kidding. Lookin good.
  8. pez is a sissy. these pictures are fartsy.
  9. malcomx

    Graff Girls

    Rookie Registered: Dec 2002 Location: Posts: 37 Tre Ocho Stockton Reveiled... Thats correct...I AM E40tay __________________ Hand'in out buck50s like you stole my Swatch... I knew it...E40..Stick to basketball nigga
  10. malcomx

    Graff Girls

    sur riva x3 ...Like Whoa. you straight bangin huh son? Tre'ses on the internet block eh, holdin it down for cyber space. Looks like You came in here on bid'ness and we better reprospect that. 30 Stockton?? Reprospectthat?? Is this who I think it is??
  11. malcomx

    Graff Girls

    Rookie Registered: Nov 2002 Location: sur riva x3 Posts: 10 Some more Ill broads that write: Love Asada Earsnot Envy Rem Arek heart Engine Miss17 Some females, and some are just straight up bitch's....... __________________ cum on feel the noize...girls rock your boys...
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