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  1. Two words to that engine whole car: FUCKING DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D
  2. haha... the first one seems to be popular... I ve seen that statement rolling in Budapest, Hungary. The ataker the cracker wacker one is familiar too.... Nice Post!!!!!!!!!:cool:
  3. ASM Ahhh shiiiiit!!!!Flames from donw under get hotter and hotter! Props!!!:D !!! Peaace!!!!!!!
  4. I see some EuroSteel up in this joint... Word! Nice post! :beat:
  5. DOPE ASS THREAD!!!!FEELING IT!!! I love your freights!!! :D :D :eek: :beat: :nut: :smiles: :zombie: ;)
  6. MAD PROPS TO THIS KILLA!!!!!!!!!! Stay up and stay SAFE , homie!!!!!!!!!!Peace!!!!!!!!
  7. DOPE ASS POST!!!!!!! Feeling that 3D! word
  8. Great post!!!!! That last flik is Ill!!!!!!!!!:cool:
  9. Guns and Freights :lol: :lol: Dope Post!
  10. Cyone317


    WORD!!!!!! Yo! Im not even gonna reply to all these hater fucks!!! Fuck them all!!!!! But, I would definitely like to thank all of those who posted these dope ass flix!!!!!!!Word!! Hella props to Shore rock, and all the NUA ASM IS IHP UE RA TFD HFX heads! Stay up and stay SAFE hommy!!!
  11. That "Fire it Up you Fuck!" is ILL!!!!!!!!!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D
  12. http://imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/February/16/stamp_original/0216200310450220.jpg'> Unbelievably fresh!!!!!!!:D :eek: :king:
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