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  1. ggggggggggggggggreat post! deal is dope, and that plus kid is amazing.
  3. i'm surprised the women of the world haven't figured out yet that the most powerful thing they will ever possess is between their legs. seriously though, women would rule the world if they knew the power of their 'pussies'.
  4. im looking at the new CANON 'REBEL TI' it looks pretty good, i'm not exactly sure what is good and what's not, and i'm not looking for the top of the line stuff, or professional, just a good solid 35 mm camera, im going to need it for photog class as well, but i've been meaning to get more into photography, etc etc. anyone have some suggestions for these types of cameras? or about the REBEL TI???
  5. i enjoy taking abuot 3-5 shits a day! got to keep this figure of mine hahaha
  6. besides getting smashed, what else could you do? do clubs give you a birthday shot for free? what about the strip clubs? free lap dances from each girl? what did some of you do for your 21st birthdays?
  7. yes which girl from the real world are you talking about?
  8. dam mamerro, least i'm not the only one with horrible luck when it comes to computers/electronics. it's ten times worse if i caught the item on a sale/hookup/etc. sigh
  9. dude, i think she wants you
  10. i like older woman because they know what they want... SEX!!! much appreciated!
  11. that's just great, one more thing to confuse the bright people on the mcdonalds registers taking our orders. they can't get a #1 with no cheese right, but you think they can deal with credit cards? psssssshhh 30 minute lines like arghhh
  12. well, i don't know about all that, but i am listening to the album, and its butter. if you like 2pac that is, it's a classic
  13. i wouldn't feel like a man with a girlfriend that taller than me, i'm sorry but that just doesn't feel right, its almost like you're a kid again walking with your momma, or something. hahaha, plus you just look so corny, walking holding your girls hand and she got some inches on you. not for me. I'm 6'2 anways, so i dont have to deal with that problem often.
  14. i agree with ole dude above that a girl roomate is going to bother your girl. would you want her living with some dude? even if you KNOW they are 'just friends'? i wouldn't...
  15. who else is going to get 2pac's latest double disc cd? it's a banger.
  16. that's ruff man, I don't know what i would do if i got cheated on by my girlfriend. I know for a fact I couldn't see her face to face though, I might wail on her ass :/
  17. i normally tap them gently on the head, but as someone else mentioned, im doing the harlem shake when im about to bust, so if they don't get the idea that im about to bust, they're in trouble, because i'm showing them the "O face" and for some reason, you can't talk in the "O face" hahahahaha
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