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  1. guess what i just got for $110 bucks: http://store5.yimg.com/I/discountsonline_1718_24615508'> :D
  2. **public service announcement** the above people who posted in this thread either have small peckers, don't get women, or are extremely, extremely, gay. except the person who started the thread, ofcourse.
  3. write his wife a email or a real letter and send it to his home letting her know he man's cheating on her, signed -ex coworker
  4. that when it comes to women, the bigger your dick is, or the better you so call "put it on them" the more 'freakier' or experimental they become? I've noticed from years of observation, field study and so on, that when i'm with a chick, if she loves me size, or i put it on her right, or i guess sometimes they just plain love you, but whatever it is, they will go really far or out there to please you, either that or i'm just finding some really adventurous women. anyone noticed this phenomenon?
  5. this girl im involved with wants to have sex on the 10 second count down! ha, she's a trip. :P

    ewok flix

    i love how ewok.com (or whatever he claims now) just like totally dissed him, i mean, he's from new york, and its like he painted a battle rap or something. shits hilarious. the laughing chatter teeth, the REAL ewok, that ewok character smoking dead on the ground, guy reading the paper "clueless", the factory with REAS going in and EWOK.HM popping out, ewok head on the plaque, the HAHAHA and HEHEHE's, the 'NO HEART' and 'DONT SLEEP' signs, YOU GETS FLUSHED and the EWOK in the NEW YORK part, topped off with a dope piece that's not only well executed but has nice letters. killed it. i
  7. HALF PRICED BOOKS!!! ya fucking knucklehead. you might not be interested in it though, SEEINGS HOW YOU CANT READ AND ALL!
  8. *read a book once a week *figure out my career and go for it *take school seriously *get a better j.o.b *run twice a week *hit the weights twice a week *play more basketball *be more social *make girl friends instead of always trying to fuck them *expand my vocabulary *dress more sophisticated *forget about girls (sexually) until i conquer the above
  9. i'd definately boink her, i don't really see the big deal with her eyes, that mole on her face bothers me more than her eyes do, and yes, she definately has some freak in her. MANG- can we get some body shots??? doesn't have to be naked, however, that would get you bonus points.
  10. HALF PRICED BOOKS!!! this store is the shit, great books, half the price, books on anything and everything, and they are so dam cheap. i picked up 5 books yesterday for 23 bucks, and they are in great shape as well. get your asses to this store, and read some books ya smucks.
  11. Re: Re: Re: Fed up with the bullshit. yeai never said they deserved to get attacked, but i hate when stupid shit like that could be prevented with a little bit of intelligent thinking. what kinda dumb adult lets some 2 little 14 yr old girls walk home from a SLUMBER PARTY at 1am? come on now.
  12. those red stalkings you wearing got me wondering about you, think you covered up your cross dressing ways with talking about halloween! bullshit! ha ha ha whatever man!
  13. that's what you should be mad about, as well as that's where this shit all went wrong. poor girls.
  14. loving that train shot, the tits, and cameo's
  15. i to think you should offer up some advice to your half sister, if i were you i'd hate to see or know she is fucking up her life without trying to advice her a little bit, least that way you know you tried. and dont feel guilty about coming out on top, just acknowledge the differences maybe, and like i said, offer some advice and encouragement to ole girl. :D
  16. that's what im thinking to, plus its kinky to me to see a thong poking out her pants, or ripping it off. :P
  17. dam, thats kind of interesting i guess, to bad her life is taking a shitty turn for the worst, but i guess it must have been cool to talk to her. i would have called too though, the curiosity would have killed me.
  18. very beautiful ethnic kinds apparently, not that you would know anything about that, now would ya.. :crazy:
  19. yea, i guess i shouldn't have titled the thread how i did, can i change it? if so how? if you can, change it to: "girls that don't wear panties" or something..
  20. FREE BALLIN' definition: not wearing any underwear/boxers/panties. what do you think about girls who don't wear panties?
  21. let us know how it goes.. i'm dying to know :D hahaha
  22. yea, you got the right state of mind. i to have that old fashioned since, i guess it stems from my parents sticking shit out with their marraige and making things work. love that thought.. looks like me and my girl are going to be hooking up, im going back to see her tomarrow. ahhh
  23. im thankful for: -my best friend, he just found out he isn't the father to this one bitches baby!!! (she did him so raggity, and look what happened to her bitch ass!) thank god! -im thankful for my parents still being alive and putting up with all my bullshit, as well as my other family members. -im thankful for the very few true good friends that i have. and those are the most important ones in my life right now..
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