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  1. the matrix had flaws, you gotta expect 12oz to fail once in awhile... :king:
  2. word, hate those types of fucking losers... :D MTV FO LIFE SON, PLEASE BELIEVES
  3. man if bitches are that fine at these protests i need to get my ass down there and get my protest on.... :eek: :D
  4. you nerd, tesseract already has a thread similiar to this... how about we make a billion more threads with war bets: how many people will die, how many civilians, how many bombs they'll fire off, whether or not they'll use gas, fucking dork... :D hahahhahahaa
  5. takes a breathe before shout outs: -EBIS-OWNI-KWESTER- and i think that first nace flick of the whole car is sick as fuck.... i think the train car in front of it gives the picture mad character... :king: thumbs up for this post fo sho...
  6. 1 week, got $5 on it.... inside sources at the hizzzzouse.... :D
  7. man! im fucking pissed, i cant find a good pair of shoes that i think are cool and fit good and dont cost me an arm and a leg to save my fucking life... its pissing me tha fuck off. the end.
  9. holy shit, that first pik is ggggggggggggggggangsta! DONT FUCK WITH US!
  10. show looks funny as fuck, havent caught it yet though....


    run for your live lil boys an girls... dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :shook:
  12. considering i could get a ton of girls that are way better than you could ever be, NO, i dont feel sad... ya dumb cunt.. :lol:
  13. no you stupid fuck, ive had other girls since her, to many, and i said that since messing with those other girls, and them not being anywhere near as good or cool as my first was, it made me realise how good of a person she really was... ya dumb fuck, thinking i can't move on or haven't gotten other chicks, please fool, i got laid last night by a hella fine black chick... GOD FORBID- you wish homie..
  14. thats interesting, i was talking to some chick about that stuff the other day, she didnt know enough about it to speak on it, but she kind of breifed me on the whole concept, pretty interesting stuff... i dont think i have esp, but i sware im psyhic sometimes :) hahaha i forsee the future sometimes, maybe im just good at predicting or anticipating shit, but some of the things ive seen or felt were gonna happen soon were wild... bla bla bla
  15. :heated: you fucking idiotic waste of life's... take those pictures down dick heads...
  16. have you ever had a girl, lost her, and then looked back on her and thought: "man she is close to my idealistic image of a wife?" i still havent had a solid or real relationship with anyone yet, just interactions for the majority of the time, and when i think back to my first, she was a perfect woman for me. she was very beautiful, gorgeous face, nice smile, cute laugh, very intelligent, out going and talkative, sexy, nice, she was into basketball and played it, very athletic, and responsible, very diverse, and well rounded as well. i cant say enough about her. however when we w
  17. no people its not something simple as restarting the computer, and no its not from downloading porn, this is my families computer not mine. the problem is this: i have a folder on the desktop with my name on it, and i put like graff piks and like thats pretty much it on here, maybe a few digi piks but other than that, there is nothing. its just a plain folder on the desktop. but when i click to open it to say look at a pik and its suppost to open the folder and like show thumbs of all my piks and error message pops up and you have to click on it and then the screen goes blank (e
  18. haha, whats up sneak, ive been away from 12oz a good month, had to catch up on the smilies... plus im feeling pretty good about my life right now, which = extra smilies. schools enjoyable for the most part and im getting out more, if i was only better at graffiti life would be perfect besides not having a girlfriend. ive also been contemplating on getting some tattoos, but im broke.. sigh.. need a j-o-b :o
  19. i have a problem with my computer at home, whenever i have a folder on the desktop, and you put pictures in it or whatever, then you try to click on it to open and look through it, it fucks up. like an error message pops up and you cant view any of the contents of the folder and the desktop icons disapear for a second and then it kind of resets ya know? what the hell is going on? is there some kind of patch or virus or file i can delete to correct this problem?
  20. ummm its the same ole shit, its not like im famous and i kill shit or crush fr8s... i paint when i can, and when i do its pretty tight. :D im trying to stay focused mang! school and basketball...
  21. :lol: texas is only hick in some parts, where im at its not... fucking texas assumptions... :/
  22. im back home, its great to be back, im really happy to see my family again, and seeing all the stuff thats changed around the city. yup!
  23. well back when i did get banned, a long time ago, i came back as this and MR PRESIDENT. im not banned under this name or mr president, nor should i be, but i did send you guys an email about being banned still on my campus computers. its all good, whats up seeking...
  24. im loving that new song by FREEWAY ft jayz: "what we do"
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