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  1. Cahokia Illinois is going straight down too...
  2. Heh how bout we chill in hyde park??? I think st.louis has highest crime rate because it's easy as fuck to steal cars here and it's just theft is really fucking easy..I guess shooting cops in st.louis is easy as well since about 2 of the 10 who have done it lately have not been prosecuted...Cops dont even patrol those hoods in the north.. It's fucked up... cops got central west end and loop on lock.. then they just ignore all those neighborhoods in the north...their should be some riots soon..
  3. seriously man...its all easy in the beginning then all hell breaks loose and you always have to handle it all...
  4. All women are overdramatic, and psycho...nowadays most are whores too... They either like you so much that when you break up with them they grap a can of rusto out of your stash and scribble all over your home, or you either fall in love with them and they cheat your ass out by fucking some other guy....fuck them all.... In my book giving head and not having sex still means your not a virgin..
  5. fuck yea, that bitch is hot and so is the stl
  6. both...enviroment more....I tend to think the more lonely a person or not receiving attention...will become to have a lunatic side..fuck I know i got one..
  7. so far all of that has gone through my head..maybe this new girl I meet tommorow will help or just tear another hole in me, and i'll be back to pounding petite broads then getting one pregnant on accident...
  8. im 5'11 or 6'0 but I like the girls 5'5-5'11
  9. pictures like that just good looking at while listening to random music
  10. thats my new bombing vehicle mad ups nigga
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