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  1. You guys are way too old to be posting shit this embarrassing.
  2. NBQs are excellent for the price, but only if you've got time to spend on what you're doing. A steal at $5 each.
  3. Roach getting called out finally. Disappointing that it didn't happen during his Ewok/Gary/Revok phases.
  4. Whatever happened to that dude Chear that was writing around Newtown a few years ago? He had some awesome pieces at the time.
  5. Anyone got a photo of the pieces opposite Stanmore McDonalds? Fucking dope stuff. Pretty ballsy spot.
  6. This thread is in dire need of some Brisk photos.
  7. Great post. More Shute/Des/Sayno/Pubes/Brisk would be appreciated.
  8. I'm going to kill the next toy I see that puts a fucking P in a circle on some truck they've bombed.
  9. Great to see News is still a horrible toy that caps people with style infinitely better than his own [or at least style]
  10. Bump another page of reposts
  11. They've been doing that in Sydney for at least 2 years. Hasn't changed a thing with the scene.
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