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  1. Namby Pamby is like Mumbo Jumbo. One of these cameras talked at me in Hollywood. But it didn't flash at me and whoever it was designed to notify never came. They're just an oddity. It's a mindbender when suddenly you've got a digital cop voice talking about a "graffiti free zone" at you. I was laughing. It would be a new thing if you smashed it down off the wall and it kept talking to you and squirming around after you, like "Oh, you shunna dunnat..."
  2. whats up with espos drop shadow? There's no rules.
  3. Howx Pos' sum Hoax painin's, mayn! Lessee'sim Hoax!
  4. DOG

    lost angelez

    Zoueh Zoueh never painted like Zes. Show me a picture where Zouh painted like anything even close to Zeser. You see the "Z" and you trip.
  5. Good work Beks. Keep these pages going. Soul Recovery Team Swift Reaction Time Sabotage Rational Thought Sacrifice Reasonable Teachings Satisfy Rebellious Temptation
  6. Rhode Island expatriates And RI friends have Fort Thunder or Paperrad graffiti? Let's see.
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