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  1. CSVK


    Maybe you need to put a gun in your mouth and pull the triger
  2. Im not Desn so im not sweatin it ya know.That's his bad
  3. http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010001.jpg'> Some shit i did back in the day..Ok like 3 weeks ago http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010003.jpg'> Top: Ruens Middle: (ME) Phoe Bottom: Desn City Stompin Vandals
  4. Yo, post up some more flicks of Denz that dude is off the hook
  5. "this thread is dope, but where in the fuck is the rest of the smurf production???... and csv has no ups from what i hear, and i think prize could beat the shit out of u, not that it makes up for his skills with a can." I got the rest of the smurf on my comp..
  6. Aight i got all the peices from the water tower on my dig camera..Not uploaded yet,Soon as i clear up space i'll send ya'll some more tyBoe
  7. I think Tyboe is sicker then the cat thoe.
  8. http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010025.jpg'> More Kansr http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010026.jpg'> Kansr again i think? http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010030.jpg'> Asert http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010033.jpg'> Gotta' get the golden CSV up there http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/pb180008.jpg'> Smurf by ?????? http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/pb180009.jpg'> Crazy ass char by?????????
  9. http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010038.jpg'> More Dtel props to the old guys ya know? http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010023.jpg'> Prize (Wha a toy) http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010016.jpg'> http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010017.jpg'> Kansr too big for my cam to see http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010028.jpg'> Bensoe 'RBK'
  10. http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010040.jpg'> Dtel http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010044.jpg'> Thens CSV http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/p1010045.jpg'> Some cat that was sleepin in Thens' Car while we were paintin the canals http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/pb180001.jpg'> Tybo http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/pb180002.jpg'> Tybo http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/pb180003.jpg'> Bong Char by Nabe http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/pb180004.jpg'> Tybo http://hype.revolutionstudios.org/Graff/pb180005.jpg'> Dice
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